Where Is Katy Texas?

What do you know about Katy Texas? If you are like most people you know next to nothing about this city. In fact, America is so lare=ge most people have never heard of it or if they have cannot remember any details. Lots change this and introduce you to the wonderful city of Katy Texas.

katy is located just west of Houston on the Interstate 10 that basically runs right through the area. It is located in Waller, Harris and Fort Bend counties. For those of you that have heard of the Typhon Texas Waterpark, Katy borders onto the actual parklands. It also includes the Mary-Jo Peckham park,

As you approach on the I10 you are greeted with the Best Western Plus Katy Inn and suites, which is the great place to stay if you are visiting friends and family in Katy, or if you have come for a few days having fun at the Texas Typhon water park. If you miss the Inn, then you should definitely see the Spicy isle Carribean Kitchen, a great place to get a bite to eat. If you pass the midway BBQ instead then you have joined route 90 and will need to make a turn. Kayty is well signposted on the way in as well as on the way out.

For a city, it is quite small with a population just under 19,000 people and has the Zipcode of 77400 through to 77499. The cities history now stands on the tribal hunting grounds of the karankawa Indian tribes when all of the areas were wide open plains and where the wildlife roamed freely. Its first inhabitants, and by this I mean the first settlers set ground at Cane creek way back in 1872.

It was known for large herds of roaming buffalo and large flocks of geese, wild ducks, Sandhill, longhorn cattle, deer and wolves. Its current name of Katy is a shortening of the name from the first railroad through the area that connected Missouri – Katy – Texas, hence the shortened version of Katy. The original settlement of Cane Island was so named for the sugar cane that abounded wild in the area, and which was harvested and turned into sugar. This sugar was loaded onto Missouri to Texas training and shipped for sale to other regions.

The next time you come across the small city of Katy, I hope that the above makes you feel a little closer to it.